White Haired Cat Tutorial


Learn how to mix colors to draw realistic white fur with Peggy Osborne’s White Haired Cat Tutorial.

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The White Haired Cat Tutorial is a digital product only.

White Haired Cat Tutorial

One of the most difficult things for many new animal artists to get right is white fur. Using only White pencils, even different shades of white, just doesn’t work. The resulting fur looks flat and lifeless. Not at all what you want for your portrait work.

Help is here! Peggy Osborne comes to your rescue with this beautiful tutorial.

“White fur reflects the colors around it,” Peggy says. “On a warm sunny day you’ll want to use some warm colors like cream, yellows, and red.

“On a bright day or with a pet on the grass, you’ll want to use cool colors like blues or greens, even purples.”

Peggy shows you how to mix different colors with layering and careful stroking to draw richly saturated colors on highly textured paper. The result? A life-like portrait with thick, soft looking white fur.

Peggy used Clairefontaine Pastelmat and Prismacolor pencils for this tutorial, but you can use any light gray paper and artist-grade pencils, and still complete this project successfully. Your results may vary if you use a traditional drawing paper.

The tutorial includes a full supply list (including a color chart.) It also includes a line drawing, as well as a full-size reference photo. Download the tutorial, print the line drawing (and even the reference photo,) and get a fast start today.

Learn How to Draw:

Beautiful, blue cat eyes

Light-colored fur


And, of course, white fur.

Also learn how to layer colors for maximum impact, how and when to use Brush & Pencil’s Titanium White with Touch-Up Texture, and much more.

Skill Level

Beginner and higher.

The White Haired Cat Tutorial is available as a digital download only.