Thoughtful Tiger Tutorial


Learn how to mix colors to draw realistic stripped fur with Peggy Osborne’s Thoughtful Tiger Tutorial.

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The Thoughtful Tiger Tutorial is a digital download only.

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The Thoughtful Tiger Tutorial

In this tutorial, Peggy shows you how to draw one of her favorite animals to draw: a beautiful tiger.

“Since the first time I drew a tiger, I have been fascinated by them and would draw them everyday if I could,” she says. “They are so elegant and powerful.”

She chose Strathmore Toned Mixed Media Paper in tan because the color is neutral and provided a good base color for the golden colors in the tiger’s fur.

But it’s also a great paper for layering color to achieve rich detail. The paper has a smooth feel to the touch, but has plenty tooth for layering.

In addition to Prismacolor pencils, she used Brush & Pencil Titanium White mixed with Touch-Up Texture. The tutorial includes Peggy’s instructions for mixing these two products.

The tutorial also includes a full supply list, a full-size reference photo, and a full-size line drawing.

Want to take a look at the supplies before you buy the tutorial?

A free downloadable supply list is available for you on the Supply List Download tab above and to the left. You can download the supply list before you buy the tutorial.

Learn How to Draw:

Tiger eyes that look alive

Long and short fur

Striped fur and vivid color

Fully saturated and realistic color layers

Intricate details

Also learn how to layer color for maximum impact, how and when to use Brush & Pencil’s Titanium White with Touch-Up Texture, and much more.

Skill Level

Intermediate and higher.

Are you a beginner? You can successfully complete this tutorial if you have a basic understanding of layering and understand the different pencil strokes. It’s also a great to challenge yourself and push your art to the next level.

What You Need to Complete this Tutorial

Peggy used Prismacolor Softcore pencils and Strathmore Toned Paper for this tutorial. She also used some of the Brush & Pencil tools. You will almost always get the best results by using the tools and supplies listed with this tutorial.

But your favorite colored pencils can be substituted for the pencils Peggy used. A color chart for color matching is included with the tutorial. However, please note that your results may differ depending on the pencils you use and the colors you choose for your project.

You do not need to use any or all of the Brush & Pencil products used in this tutorial. If you choose not to use them, your drawing will progress in a different way, and your results may also be different.

Again, remember that the supplies and tools listed with this tutorial are what the artist uses, and you are most likely to get the best results with them.

If you would like a complete supply list before purchasing this tutorial, you can download the supply list for free here.

The Thoughtful Tiger Tutorial is a digital download only.


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