September 2022 CP Magic Magazine


Featured Artist: Carmen Barros, interview & tutorial.

Old School MarketingProduct Review: Arteza Hardcover Drawing Pad, The Tip Sheet, Art Corners, and more.

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Carmen Barros is the featured artist for September. Carmen joined Carrie to discuss her transition from wet media to colored pencils, her fascination with still lifes against black or dark backgrounds, and how she sets up and photographs her subjects. She also has a unique way of choosing the colors she uses for each project, as well as finding the elements for many of her works, and she shares her methods in both areas.

Carmen’s tutorial includes her trademark dark background, this time paired with color-filled glassware. If accurately drawing glass or reflections gives you fits, then do this project with Carmen. You will learn a lot!

Also in This Month’s Issue

Old School Marketing

Are you looking for a more personal touch with your marketing? Maybe you’re tired of the hype and hassle of the internet and are looking for marketing alternatives.

This month’s featured article is exactly what you’re looking for! Artists and readers share their ideas for offline marketing, many of which work hand-in-hand with internet marketing or on their own.

Product Review: Arteza Hardcover Drawing Pad

Carrie reviews the Arteza, 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 inch, hardcover drawing pad, and includes a couple of sketches she dashed off on this inexpensive paper. Is this drawing pad right for you?

Art Corners

In Art Corners for this month, Carrie shares a storage tip that also makes traveling with art supplies much easier. With the holidays not that far away, this storage and travel solution may be just what you’re looking for if you want to stay creatively productive during the holiday travel season!

The Tip Sheet

In The Tip Sheet, Carrie shares several reasons why it’s important to keep a photographic record of your work.

Reader Gallery

This month’s gallery includes a wide variety of works ranging from botanical to still life. See all the submissions in the online Reader Gallery.

The Final Pencil Strokes

Additional resources for the intrepid artist who can’t read enough about colored pencils!

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