October 2021 CP Magic Magazine


Featured Artist: Thomas Rizzo

Beginner level tutorial, How Many Colors do You Need, Unrealistic Expectations, The Joy of Floral Art, & more.

40 pages

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October 2021 CP Magic is a digital product only.

What’s in October 2021 CP Magic

The featured artist for the October issue of CP Magic is Thomas Rizzo.

Thomas is best known for his historical novels and other writing, but he’s also a unique and creative visual artist. His style and subjects hearken back to simpler times, when life moved at a slower pace. He talks about his life as both an author and an artist, what led him to colored pencils, and the connections he made with them.

Tutorial: Beginner Level

Thomas’s style is self-proclaimed art deco, with lots of bright colors and solid applications, and his tutorial features two icons of American culture: Diners and cars. Classic cars, along with his trademark lively colors. He demonstrates how to draw vivid color in just a few layers, how to create the illusion of distance, and more in his beginner level tutorial.

Also in This Month’s Issue

Unrealistic Expectations

Do your great ideas for artwork turn into disappointments the moment you start drawing? Carrie shares her experiences with unrealistic expectations, then follows up with a suggestion or two on how to defeat those green-eyed, monstrous expectations.

The Joy of Floral Art

Floral artist and guest writer Jennifer Lane describes the five most important things you should consider when searching for floral reference photos.

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

We’ve all heard how important sharp pencils are, and we know it’s true. But is it always true? Find out when dull or blunt pencils might be more productive.

The Tip Sheet

You’re new to colored pencils. Do you know just how many colors you need before you can start drawing? Carrie shares four options, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Reader Gallery

Five works from CP Magic readers. All skill levels. This month’s gallery includes florals, human and pet portraits, and more.

The Final Pencil Strokes

Additional resources for the intrepid artist who can’t read enough about colored pencils!

October 2021 CP Magic is available as a digital download only

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