May 2020 CP Magic Magazine


Featured Artist: John Ursillo

Before-and-After Clinic: Using a photo editor to evaluate a finished piece

Making it Better: Critiquing a reader’s monthly challenge drawing.

45 pages


May 2020 CP Magic is a digital product only.

What’s in May 2020 CP Magic

Featured Artist: John Ursillo


John Ursillo is a life-long artist whose guiding focus in all of his work is a love for color and light. He is known equally well for his ability to render light, and for his use of canvas as a colored pencil support. His artwork is visual storytelling, as he always looks for the story in each subject. John is a life member of CPSA, holding signature status. He is also an exhibiting member of the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA.)

John shares his art journey from days spent in his mother’s studio to his current artistic endeavors. He also explains how he came to try canvas as a colored pencil support and why it became his favorite.


“For this tutorial I chose a subject that allowed me to demonstrate the application of CP to canvas as a support. As we go forward I will describe, in context, some of the advantages I see in using this “new” support – while also pointing out some caveats that should be heeded when trying it out.”

John’s tutorial is not a step-by-step but it is very in-depth.  It’s a great introduction to painting on canvas with colored pencils.

Before-and-After Clinic

Have you ever thought about doing an old drawing over, but wanted to know whether or not the results would be worth the effort? In this month’s Before-and-After Clinic, Carrie describes her favorite method for trying different ideas before putting pencil to paper.

Making it Better

What are the key ingredients to great drawings? Carrie shares those in this month’s Making it Better reader art crit column.

Featured Photo

The featured photo for May 2020 CP Magic is especially for you if you love drawing shiny things! Submit your finished work for inclusion on a future Reader’s Art Gallery.

May 2020 CP Magic is available as a digital download only.

What Readers Are Saying

I just finished the May issue of CP Magic. Loved it, of course.  The interview with John Ursillo was outstanding, this month’s downloadable reference photo is already in my “Gotta Do This” file, and the Making it Better column was a particular favorite.