March 2022 CP Magic Magazine


Featured Artist: Barb Sotiropoulos

Mixed media tutorial with Faber-Castell PITT pens and Polychromos pencils. The Importance of Enthusiasm, Is it Finished?, and much more.

40 pages

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March 2022 CP Magic Magazine is a digital download only.

What’s in March 2022 CP Magic!

Canadian artist Barb Sotiropoulos is this month’s featured artist. Barb is a full-time fine artist and a part-time graphic designer. While she uses several art mediums for graphic design, she specializes in colored pencils and mixed media for fine art creations, which “walk the line between illustration and realism.”

In her interview with CP Magic!, Barb talks about the reasons why she chose to start her art career in graphic design and what she learned from that art career path.

Barb’s tutorial is a beautiful still life featuring roses. She demonstrates step-by-step how to do an underpainting with Faber-Castell PITT Pens and Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils. If you haven’t used PITT pens before, you’ll read valuable tips for choosing colors and applying color with PITT pens for the best results.

She also shares tips for preparing and transferring your drawing and many other helpful suggestions that will enable you to take your work to the next level with this mixed-media method.

Also in This Month’s Issue

The Importance of Enthusiasm

What keeps you making art? What do you when that motivation fails? The March featured article is all about the creative enthusiasm every artist needs and that keeps us creating. It concludes with a few suggestions for responding to waning enthusiasm.

Is It Finished?

When is a drawing finished? Sometimes it’s easy to know when you’ve completed a piece, but sometimes it isn’t. Carrie shares four methods she uses to make that decision.

Reader Gallery

The March 2022 CP Magic! Reader Gallery features four works of art at all skill levels. This month’s gallery includes a pet portrait, a landscape, a still life, and a floral. See all the submissions in the online Reader Gallery.

The Final Pencil Strokes

Additional resources for the intrepid artist who can’t read enough about colored pencils!

March 2022 CP Magic Magazine is a digital download only.


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