Long Haired German Shepherd Tutorial


Draw this beautiful long-haired German Shepherd on suede board with only 21 colors.

12 pages


The Long Haired German Shepherd Tutorial is a digital product only.

Long Haired German Shepherd Tutorial

Working on suede mat board can be a challenge, but the end result can be very rewarding. The first few times that I drew on it, I didn’t care for it and had several struggles. I am now a huge fan after some trial and error. One thing I love about the suede is the softness it adds to the image that cannot be achieved with other papers.” – Peggy Osborne

Peggy shares a few of the lessons she learned while working on suede board, as well as the detailed step-by-step instructions you’ve come to expect.

The model for this tutorial is a stunningly beautiful long-haired German shepherd. Peggy shows you how to draw long and short hair, a wet looking nose, and shining eyes, all on suede board.

The tutorial includes a full supply list and a line drawing. Download it and start this delightful project today.

Learn How to:

Create a beautiful dog portrait with the unique softness that only suede board can produce

Blend by layering

Create complicated-looking fur colors, and eyes, and a nose that looks real

How to blend colors without solvents

Peggy’s unique method for checking color and value accuracy

And much more

Skill Level

Intermediate and higher.

Are you a beginner? You can successfully complete this tutorial if you have a basic understanding of layering.

Don’t have the same pencils or paper Peggy used? That’s okay! The tutorial includes color swatches so you can match colors. You can successfully complete this tutorial with any brand of pencils.

It’s more important to use suede board, because one purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to use suede board’s unique surface texture to create soft, realistic portraits. However, you can complete the tutorial on traditional drawing papers if you don’t have suede board, though your results will vary depending on the paper you use.

The Long Haired German Shepherd tutorial is available as a digital download only.