June 2022 CP Magic Magazine

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Featured Artist: Victoria Manser

Fox fur mini-demo tutorial, Selecting and Processing Reference Photos, Finding Your Artistic Passion, Art Corners, and more.

40 pages

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June 2022 CP Magic! Magazine is a digital download only.

What’s in June 2022 CP Magic!

Victoria Manser is the featured artist for this month, and she talks about her life as an artist and the ways she’s found to express her creativity.

While her work is detailed and realistic, her goal is “…capturing the inner feel and emotion that each animal brings out.” She says, “I enjoy getting lost in the details; the little flick of hair, the way the muscles ripple and flex, the nuances of colour as the light flows across the subject’s body.”

She shows you how she goes about that process with a “high-definition” mini-demo showing you how she draws such stunningly realistic fur on Pastelmat. She begins the tutorial by telling you why she made the paper and pencil choices she made, and the other tools she uses in making art.

Also in This Month’s Issue

Tips for Selecting and Processing Digital Photos

Part 2 in a three-part series on taking and using your own reference photos. This month, I’ll show you how I evaluate the photos I’ve taken, and how I decide whether or not they will make good reference photos.

Finding Your Artistic Passion

There are so many ways to do art and so many ways to market it. How do you decide which way is best for you?

Is Social Media an Absolute Must?

You’ve heard it. In order to be successful, you MUST do social media. But is that really true for every artist?

Art Corners

Gail Jones talks about how she works in a very small space, and why that space is the perfect workspace for her.

Using Solvents: Absorbent vs. Non-Absorbent Papers

Solvents blend differently on different types of paper. Have you ever wondered why? In this short article, I explain the differences between absorbent and non-absorbent papers, and how those differences affect solvent blending.

Reader Gallery

This month’s gallery includes florals, a landscape, pet portraits, and even a sketch. See all the submissions in the online Reader Gallery.

The Final Pencil Strokes

Additional resources for the intrepid artist who can’t read enough about colored pencils!

June 2022 CP Magic! Magazine is a digital download only.

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