July 2021 CP Magic Magazine


Featured Artist: Diana Olson, interview and tutorial.

Product Review, tips for choosing colors and improving photography skills, Nothing but Pencils & Paper, featured photo, and more.

40 pages

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This version of July 2021 CP Magic is a digital product only.

What’s in July 2021 CP Magic

The July issue of CP Magic welcomes featured artist Diana Olson.

Diana is a self-proclaimed hobby artist and resides in two very special places; Lake Tahoe, Nevada and Maui, Hawaii. Native botanicals, architecture, animals, and objects backed by landscape are just a few subjects that draw her attention. She works from her own photographs using colored paper as her background.


Diana’s stunning botanical works on dark and colored papers have become her signature style. Although she’s working small for the first time, she still achieves richness of color and detail. She shows you how she works from start to finish.

New This Month

Product Review

July welcomes yet another regular column to the CP Magic line-up. Carrie launches a product review column with a review of the Blick Studio colored pencils. If you’ve thought about purchasing these pencils, you’ll want to read this review first!

Tip Sheet

What’s the tip for July? Improve your artwork by improving your photography. Four tips to get you started right.

Also in July 2021 CP Magic

How to Decide What Colors to Start With

We all know there is no formula for deciding what color to use first when you begin a new drawing. It’s a learning process and, many times, a process of elimination.

But Carrie shows you what difference three basic starting colors can make, and shares tips for deciding which one is best for each new project.

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

Do you know how many basic pencil strokes there are?

Do you know how to choose the best stroke for whatever you’re working on? Get the low-down in this month’s column for beginners.

Reader Gallery

Four works from CP Magic readers. All skill levels.

See all reader art submissions in the online July 2021 CP Magic Reader Gallery.

The Final Pencil Strokes

Additional resources for the intrepid artist who can’t read enough about colored pencils!

CP Magic is available as a digital download only