January 2021 CP Magic Magazine


Featured Artist: John Stansfield; interview and cat tutorial. The Great Art Adventure, Ask Carrie, featured photo, and new features.

36 pages

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January 2021 CP Magic is a digital product only.

Starting the new year off right with versatile colored pencil artist John Stansfield and a new look inside and out!

What’s in January 2021 CP Magic

January 2021 CP Magic is available as a digital download only

John Stansfield joins CP Magic from the United Kingdom as the first featured artist of 2021. He is a long-time artist with interests in portraits of all types, and botanical subjects. John’s work is filled with life-like detail and a depth of realistic color. His artist’s journey is at once unique and common to many other artists, and he shares advice for other artists interested in going full-time.


John’s tutorial features a beautiful silver tabby cat, and his method of adding and removing color to create life-like detail. This tutorial includes links to a digital download of both the reference photo, and the line drawing.

The Great Art Adventure

For many artists, the beginning of the year means the enjoyable task of goal setting. For others, goal setting is an unpleasant but necessary first-of-the-year activity.

Carrie has been setting goals for years and has also written about it many times. This year, however, she looks at goal setting as though it were a journey. A great art journey, with suggestions for identifying your main destination as well as rest stops along the way.

New in CP Magic

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

Are you new to colored pencils? Have you been playing with colored pencils for a while, and you want to get serious?

Or maybe you’re thinking about giving them a try and are ready to get started.

This column is written for you, and begins with a very simple list of what you need to begin.

The Final Pencil Strokes

Additional resources for the intrepid artist who can’t read enough about colored pencils!

Also in CP Magic this Month

  • Ask Carrie
  • Featured Photo

January 2021 CP Magic is available as a digital download only