January 2020 CP Magic Magazine


Featured Artist: Peggy Osborne

Before-and-After Clinic: How do you decide when to darken the values you see in your reference photo.

20 pages


January 2020 CP Magic is a digital product only.

What’s in January 2020 CP Magic

Featured Artist: Peggy Osborne


Peggy Osborne is an accomplished self-taught artist living in Canada and specializing in creating beautiful, realistic portraits of pets and family members. She’s had an on going love affair with colored pencils, loving their simplicity, for as long as she can remember.

She talks about her artistic life and journey. How she came to colored pencils as a fine art medium, and what led to her business as a pet portrait artist. See how she stores her tools when she’s not using them, and how she organizes her colored pencils.


“I have wanted to draw this picture for a while. It’s a black horse but has so many lovely colors in it, it’s just beautiful. The reference photo is courtesy of Karen Broemmelsick.

“The paper is new to me but seems to work well with my technique of layering and burnishing. It is 8×10 Bee Paper, Heavyweight Vellum, and my pencils are Prismacolor Premiere.” – Peggy Osborne

Peggy shows step-by-step how she creates a portrait filled with realistic color, including her comparison tests for color and value.

Before-and-After Clinic

“How do you know where to add darker values to pop up a picture and have it not look so bland, if the photo itself doesn’t have the darker values?”

That’s the subject for this month’s Before-and-After Clinic. Carrie offers suggestions on making that sometimes difficult decision. Includes before-and-after images, and tips you can use in your work.

Featured Photo

The featured photo for January 2020 CP Magic is one of Carrie’s cats. Download the photo of Squeaker and then submit your drawing for the Reader’s Gallery.

The January 2020 issue of CP Magic is available as a digital download only.