February 2022 CP Magic Magazine


Featured Artist: Bonnie Sheckter

Mini tutorial on drafting film,  Going Pro Full-time or Part-time, Floral Art: Starting from Scratch, and much more.

40 pages

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February 2022 CP Magic! is a digital product only.

What’s in February 2022 CP Magic!

CP Magic! welcomes Bonnie Sheckter as the featured artist. Bonnie specializes in portraits, and her portrait work is exceptional. She combines sensitivity and creativity with every piece, creating works that go beyond typical portraits. Drawing people in unusual, candid, and sometimes complex moments is the focus of her artistic passion.

Bonnie also talks about her transition from printmaking to colored pencils. Her artistic journey includes dealing with serious health and vision issues. How does she continue creating top-notch artwork? Read about her unique workarounds. Her artistic journey is an encouragement to all artists.

Bonnie works primarily on drafting film. Her mini tutorial is designed to provide the basics of Bonnie’s drawing process. This four-step process works for any subject.

Also in This Month’s Issue

Going Pro as an Artist: Full-time or Part-time?

The featured article is a followup to the last month’s featured article. Carrie compares the options of going pro full-time and part-time in three major categories. Are you planning to become a professional artist? Then you want to know if you should start on a part-time basis, or jump in with both feet and go pro full-time. That’s what this article helps you decide.

Starting from Scratch

Jennifer Lane joins CP Magic! this month with an article for beginning artists. Starting From Scratch is her response to a reader question and she helps that reader––and all new artists––learn how to get started drawing. The subject is Jennifer’s favorite subject (a flower,) but the method she describes is useful for other subjects as well.

Reader Gallery

The February 2022 CP Magic! Reader Gallery features five works at all skill levels. This month’s gallery includes landscape and botanical work, a pet portrait, and more. See all the submissions in the online Reader Gallery.

The Final Pencil Strokes

Additional resources for the intrepid artist who can’t read enough about colored pencils!

February 2022 CP Magic! is available as a digital download only

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