February 2021 CP Magic Magazine


Featured Artist: Denise Howard

Interview and autumn leaves with raindrops tutorial. The Great Art Adventure, Ask Carrie, featured photo, and new features.

44 pages


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What’s in February 2021 CP Magic

Featured Artist Interview

This month, California colored pencil artist, Denise Howard, joins CP Magic to talk about her creative journey. Denise is  a full-time software engineer, but still finds time for her own art. She describes the differences between professional creativity on the job, and personal creativity with her art. It’s an enlightening and engaging conversation you won’t want to miss if you, too, balance career and art.

Featured Tutorial

Readers get a great opportunity to see how to draw realistic autumn leaves AND get a personal review of new paper, Royal Talens Toned Colour.

Denise uses this paper for her tutorial, and she puts it through its paces by using different drawing methods ranging from traditional pencil layering and blending to solvent blending to using watercolor pencils.

She also shares her thoughts on simplifying backgrounds, and drawing complex subjects so they look real without fussing too much over those nit-picking details.

The Great Art Adventure

Most artists struggle with the idea of being good enough at some point. They might doubt their overall skills, the quality of their work, or how it stands up against the work of others. But if you wrestle with this question too often or too long, it becomes a hindrance.

Carrie shares a few ideas for identifying why you might be doubting your skills and abilities, as well as a few suggestions for overcoming that tendency—all based on personal experience.

This Month in CP Magic

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

This installment of the CP Magic beginner’s column focuses on learning key colored pencil terms. What are all those terms and what do they mean? Find out in this issue!

The Final Pencil Strokes

Additional resources for the intrepid artist who can’t read enough about colored pencils!

Also in February 2021 CP Magic

  • Ask Carrie
  • Featured Photo
  • More Information on the 2021 CP Magic Competition

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