Everything You Need to Get Started with Colored Pencils


Colored pencils are a great medium for new artists for a variety of reasons. They’re clean. They’re portable. They’re fun.

This printable colored pencil resource gives you everything you need to get started with colored pencils in one location. Print the shopping list of your choice, and you’re ready to shop!

12 pages

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Do you want to get started with colored pencils, but don’t know where to begin?

There are so many neat tools, gadgets and other products available, in addition to all those wonderful pencils and so many drawing surfaces. Deciding where to begin is confusing.

What do you really need to buy to start using colored pencils?

Everything You Need to Get Started with Colored Pencils

This special colored pencil resource is more than just a shopping list. It also contains Carrie’s product recommendations where appropriate. She not only tells you to buy pencils and paper, but gives you brands to try or consider.

It’s the perfect resource for you (or anyone you know) who is thinking about trying colored pencils, but knows very little about them.

Three Lists to Choose From

The Basic List contains the must-have items to start using colored pencils. On a budget or not sure colored pencils are for you? This is your list.

The Expanded Basic List has everything on the basic list, plus a few additional tools. This is your list if you know you want to learn colored pencils and you want more than just the basics, but you don’t want anything really fancy. (Or you just don’t have the money for all that fancy stuff.)

The Everything & the Kitchen Sink List is the list for you if you know you want to do colored pencils, you want all the best of everything, and money is no object!

Print each self-contained list and nothing else. No colored text and no images to use up all your printer ink.

But save the other lists, because you might want to upgrade!

Carrie also includes a Places to Shop List, with clickable links to online art supply sources. This list also includes tips for shopping locally for those shopping from the basic list.

The Everything & the Kitchen Sink list also contains clickable links to free and paid tutorials and further art instruction for those who want more than just the supplies.

Everything You Need to Get Started With Colored Pencils is available as a digital download only.

Looking for a project to begin with? Explore the great tutorials for beginners also available in the Colored Pencil Tutorials store.

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