Draw Clouds From Life Tutorial


The Draw Clouds from Life Tutorial is a digital download only.

Drawing clouds is intimidating. No two are alike. They change shape, size, and form before your eyes. They’re so complex. But they’re also a good subject for improving life drawing skills and this tutorial helps you get started.

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The Draw Clouds from Life Tutorial is a digital download only.

You may think this is an odd subject for a basic drawing lesson. Clouds are such a big and complex subject to draw, it’s impossible to get them right.

You know what? All the things that make clouds so intimidating also make them perfect subjects to learn life drawing!

Draw Clouds From Life Tutorial

Basic drawing principles apply to everything.

Creating good contrast means drawing strong values, and values are important in all mediums.

Graphite is a great medium for learning to draw strong values because it’s easy to use and you can draw values without worrying about colors.

Those lessons can then be applied to colored pencil drawings.

And any time you draw, you improve your drawing skills. That’s always a good thing, no matter what your favorite medium may be!

So if you don’t think you can learn anything from a graphite tutorial, think again. Don’t disregard this fine medium. Grab a few pencils, a pad of paper, and your sharpener and eraser and start drawing along with Carrie!

Learn How to:

Capture the character of your subject quickly

Refine a line drawing step by step

Develop soft, value transitions

This tutorial also includes tips on drawing outside and choosing your subject. If you can’t get outside to draw, that’s okay. Carrie has also included a few reference photographs from her vast collection of cloud photos.

Skill Level

This is Beginner’s Level tutorial

Beginner and higher.

No experience with graphite pencils is required and you need a minimum of tools in order to successfully complete this tutorial. A basic No. 2 pencil with an eraser and a pad of paper and you’re ready to draw!

Get your copy today and start drawing clouds with graphite!

The Draw Clouds from Life tutorial is available as a digital download only.

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