Baby Goat Tutorial


Learn how to draw hair, eyes, and a blurred background and have fun at the same time as you draw this adorable baby goat.

17 pages


The Baby Goat Tutorial is a digital product only.

Baby Goat Tutorial

This little cutie is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf goat kid. Yes, baby goats are called kids.

“Goats make me happy, there is just something so unique and beautiful about them and they make really beautiful art.” – Peggy Osborne

If you, like Peggy, enjoy drawing subjects that make you smile, look no further!

Follow along with Peggy as she draws one of her favorite subjects, a baby goat. You’ll feel like Peggy is sitting beside you, guiding you through detailed descriptions, full-color, step-by-step illustrations and tips.

You’ll learn valuable skills like layering and blending, using different types of pencil strokes to create textures, and a blurred background. Peggy also describes how she blends with solvent, and how she mixes and uses Titanium White mixture with Touchup Texture.

But that’s not all. With this tutorial, you have two options for finishing your drawing. With or without a background!

The tutorial includes a full supply list and a line drawing so you can get started on this delightful project today.

Learn How to:

Create beautiful colored pencil work on watercolor paper

Layer and blend colors by layering

Create complicated-looking fur colors, and blue eyes, and a nose that looks real

How to blend colors with solvents

Use Brush & Pencil’s Titanium White Mixture (including Peggy’s mixing process)

Peggy’s unique method for checking color and value accuracy

And much more

Skill Level

Intermediate and higher.

Are you a beginner? You can successfully complete this tutorial if you have a basic understanding of layering.

Don’t have the same pencils or paper Peggy used? That’s okay! The tutorial includes color swatches so you can match colors. You can successfully complete this tutorial with any brand of pencils. You can also complete it on papers such as Stonehenge and Canson Mi-Teintes if you don’t have watercolor paper, though your results will vary.

The Baby Goat tutorial is available as a digital download only.