CP Magic Digital Bundle 2021


The CP Magic 2021 Bundle is available as a digital download only.

Are you new to CP Magic! Magazine for Colored Pencil artists? You can now purchase every issue for 2021 and save 10% off the cover price.

12 full issues

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Get a year’s worth of CP Magic! in one package with the CP Magic! digital bundle 2021.

CP Magic! Digital Bundle 2021

Are you new to CP Magic! Magazine for Colored Pencil artists? Would you like to get all twelve issues from 2021 for one low price?

Now you can!

Get the 2021 CP Magic! Digital Bundle and save 10% off the cover price for individual issues.

Featured Artists

  • John Stansfield—January
  • Denise Howard—February
  • Chloe Hibbard—March
  • Tammy Hoffert—April
  • Susan Brinkman—May
  • Gail Jones—June
  • Diana Olsen—July
  • Kathryn Hansen—August
  • Brenda Matson—September
  • Thomas Rizzo—October
  • Anda Chance—November
  • John Guiseppi—December

Featured Tutorials

  • Vinny the Cat—January
  • Wet Leaves—February
  • Dozy Rosie—March
  • Fine Dining (Butterfly)—April
  • Therry (Dog)—May
  • Mixed Media with Ink (Horse)—June
  • Hoppy Poppy (Flower)—July
  • Black Wolf—August
  • Pacific Tree Frog—September
  • A Gentler Time (Diner and Classic Car)—October
  • Canning Jars—November
  • Roseate Spoonbill—December

Featured Articles

  • Staying the Course as an Artist—January
  • How Can You Know When Your Art is Good Enough?—February
  • Getting Outside with Pencils & Paper—March
  • Getting Acquainted with New Tools—April
  • Make the Kind of Art You Want to Make—May
  • Tips for Improving Productivity—June
  • How to Decide What Colors to Start With—July
  • 4 Tips for Making Your Studio Safe for Your Studio Assistants—August
  • Pet Portrait Artists: Getting Started—September
  • Unrealistic Expectations—October
  • Getting to Know Your Artistic Style—November
  • Keys to Creating Eye Catching Art—December

That’s twelve great interviews, 12 beautiful tutorials, 12 beautiful featured photos, and dozens of informative and entertaining articles.

Individual back issues are also available. Click here to purchase only the issue you need to complete your 2020 or 2021 collections.

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CP Magic Digital Bundle 2021 is available as a digital download only.