CP Magic Digital Bundle 2020


The CP Magic 2020 Bundle is available as a digital download only.

Are you new to CP Magic! magazine? Maybe you have recent issues, but would like to complete your collection.

You can now purchase every issue from 2020 (the very first year!) and save 10% off the cover price.

12 full issues

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Get a year’s worth of CP Magic! in one package with the CP Magic! digital bundle 2020.

CP Magic! Digital Bundle 2020

CP Magic! Magazine was launched in 2020 and it went through a lot of changes through the course of the year. Follow the growth of the magazine from a 20-page publication with only one article in addition to the interview and tutorial, to a 40-page plus magazine with a series of articles and regular columns.

Featured Artists

  • Peggy Osborne—January
  • John Middick—February
  • Carrie Lewis—March
  • Dan Miller—April
  • John Ursillo—May
  • Helen Carter—June
  • Carol Leather—July
  • Mindy Lighthipe—August
  • Cynthia Knox—September
  • Shelley Oberholser—October
  • Cathy Antkes Choyce—November
  • Gift Issue—December

Featured Tutorials

  • Black Friesen Horse—January
  • Girl’s Portrait—February
  • Spring Storm (Landscape)—March
  • Animas Forks (landscape)—April
  • Ode to a Gallant Lady (ship)—May
  • Red Octopus—June
  • Lapwing (bird)—July
  • Butterfly and Flower—August
  • Bird and Flowering Branch—September
  • Still Life with Lemons—October
  • Red Fox—November
  • Red Christmas Ornament—December

Featured Articles

  • CP Magic! Clinic—January
  • Before & After Clinic—February
  • Before & After Clinic—March
  • Creative Confidence—April
  • Before & After Clinic—May
  • The Great Art Adventure: Introduction—June
  • The Great Art Adventure: Ugly Drawings—July
  • The Great Art Adventure: Mini Adventures–August
  • The Great Art Adventure: Reference Photos—September
  • The Great Art Adventure: Opportunity or Distraction?—October
  • The Great Art Adventure: Overcoming Boredom—November
  • The Great Art Adventure: Orges of the Urgent—December

That’s twelve great interviews, 12 beautiful tutorials, 12 beautiful featured photos, and dozens of informative and entertaining articles.

Individual back issues are also available. Click here to purchase only the issue you need to complete your collection.

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CP Magic Digital Bundle 2020 is available as a digital download only.