Colored Pencil Class by the Project


One-to-one help with one project from beginning to end. The perfect class for the artist who wants guidance and feedback on every stage of the project.



Get in-depth one-to-one guidance with an established colored pencil artist with the Colored Pencil Class by the Project.

Pet and landscape artist, Carrie L. Lewis, will be your teacher, mentor, and encourager. She’ll help you with everything from choosing reference photos to framing your work when it’s finished.

This is the perfect class for the artist who wants guidance and feedback on every stage of the project.

This one-to-one class gives you:

Help choosing reference photos

Basic information on choosing paper, color selection, layering, and more

Blending help. Do you use solvents or not?

Personalized instruction and feedback at all phases of the drawing process

And much more

About the Colored Pencil Class by the Project

Subject Matter

Your choice. Submit several photos you would like to work from (any subject matter) and together we’ll choose the best photo for you to learn from.

You’ll receive one-on-one email tutoring covering your strengths and weaknesses, including helpful tips on making your work stronger.

Carrie’s goal for you is to come to enjoy colored pencils as much as she does.

All Skill Levels

Colored Pencil Class by the Project is ideal for all artists at all skill levels.

Don’t let the level of instruction intimidate you if you’re a beginner or have never used colored pencils before. If you know now that you want to make great colored pencil art and you have the desire to learn from an artist with years of experience, this is the class for you.

What You Need for the Course


Digital camera or scanner

DSL or Cable Connection for heavy downloads

Digital JPG/Photo Knowledge as well as Computer knowledge. (Technical computer support will not be offered, such as photo resizing, attaching photos to emails, etc., you need to be computer savvy).

Email address. Please keep your contact info up to date with the instructor. If your email address changes during the course, please contact us as soon as possible with the changes.

Colored Pencil Materials: The supplies you need depend on the project or projects you want to work on. In most cases, you already have whatever you may need for this course.

Colored Pencil Class by the Project Details

Due to the level of involvement in this class, Carrie can accept only one student at this level at a time. Students are encouraged to enroll now to reserve a seat in class, and then schedule.

There is no time period on completing the project you choose, but students are encouraged to maintain forward momentum on their project in order to avoid stagnation.

Holidays and family events will be observed and may result in delays in correspondence.