Colored Pencil Class by the Day


Have a question to ask or a problem to solve that involves more than a quick email? This one-day class is exactly what you need. Get help from an established colored pencil artist.


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Get one-to-one guidance with an established colored pencil artist with the Colored Pencil Class by the Day.

Long-time colored pencil artist, Carrie L. Lewis, will be your teacher, mentor, and encourager. She’ll help you with anything from choosing reference photos for your next work to framing your latest work. Get help with a current project, learn more about a specific technique or method, or ask about general practices.

This class is a great option if you have a work-in-progress that you need a little help with.

This one-to-one class gives you:

Immediate help

Personalized feedback

The opportunity to improve colored pencil skills

The benefit of decades of Carrie’s colored pencil experience

Learn how to overcome the problem area that’s holding you back with your current project.

All Skill Levels

Colored Pencil Class by the Day is ideal for all artists at all skill levels.

Yes, even beginners and artists brand new to the medium. What better way to get a great start with colored pencils?

What You Need for the Class


Digital camera or scanner

DSL or Cable Connection for heavy downloads

Digital JPG/Photo Knowledge as well as Computer knowledge. (Technical computer support will not be offered, such as photo resizing, attaching photos to emails, etc., you need to be computer savvy).

Email address. Please keep your contact info up to date with the instructor. If your email address changes during the course, please contact us as soon as possible with the changes.

Colored Pencil Materials: The supplies you need depend on the project or projects you want to work on. In most cases, you already have whatever you may need for this course.

Colored Pencil Class by the Day Details

One student per day. No more than three students per week.

Students are assigned time on a first-come, first-served basis. You may pay for your class now, and schedule later week if necessary.

Classes are available Monday through Friday every week but the first and last week of each month. For more information on days currently available, contact Carrie.

Day classes are conducted by email. Students “chat” with Carrie by email all day on whatever day they select. This is not a video or Zoom session, but rather an extended conversation.

Students can also ask questions, and send images if they are working on a particular project.

Contact Carrie for up-to-date information or to schedule your day.