Blazing Sunset Tutorial for Advanced Artists


Let your creativity and imagination run wild with this brilliantly colored sky and silhouetted trees.

22 pages


If you love color, then the brilliantly colored clouds in the Blazing Sunset tutorial are for you. This advanced tutorial gives you the opportunity to try your hand at drawing smooth color and value transitions on Lux Archival paper.

The Blazing Sunset tutorial is a digital product only.

Blazing Sunset Tutorial

Nothing in nature is more spectacular than clouds painted bright colors by the rising or setting sun. Add the dark silhouettes of bare trees and you have an image designed to take your imagination on a journey of exploration and excitement!

Carrie used Lux Archival paper for this project because she’d never used it before and wanted to try it. She was also learning how to use some of the other products from Brush & Pencil. So along with a great image to draw and step-by-step instruction, Carrie shares her reactions to the paper and products.

Learn How to:

How to use Brush & Pencil’s Lux Archival paper

Create smooth transitions in color and value

Blend colored pencil with Brush & Pencil’s Powder Blender

“Paint” with colored pencils and Touch-Up Texture

Have fun drawing the complexity of a group of trees

And much more

Skill Level

This is an Advanced tutorial

Advanced colored pencil tutorials from Colored Pencil Tutorials are designed to assist beginner and intermediate artists transition to making their own art. If you enjoy doing tutorials but want to start making your own great art, this tutorial will help you. Carrie will help you learn to choose your own color palette while still giving you the same great instruction you’ve come to expect.

Before you move to advanced tutorials, you should have a clear understanding of basic skills such as layering and blending.

NOTE: There is no line drawing with this project. That’s why it’s listed as “advanced.”

The Blazing Sunset tutorial is available as a digital download only.