August 2020 CP Magic Magazine


Featured Artist: Mindy Lighthipe

CP Clinic: What complementary colors work with grays and browns?

The Great Art Adventure, Making it Better, and Ask Carrie

40 pages


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What’s in August 2020 CP Magic

Featured Artist: Mindy Lighthipe


Mindy Lighthipe is an artist and online teacher who is passionate about getting out into the natural world and discovering the beauty in every rock, stream and forest. She believes in protecting the earth by educating people through her art, and that passion comes through in her work.


For this demonstration I am keeping things simple. I decided to do one of my favorite flowers; The Torch Ginger with one of my favorite butterflies; The Malachite. Both of these tropical beauties are commonly seen in the rainforests of Costa Rica.” – Mindy Lighthipe

Mindy shows how she composes artwork from several photographs, in addition to how she develops the line drawing and transfers it to paper. Then she walks you step-by-step through her drawing process.

The Great Art Adventure

There’s never an “ideal time” to take leaps of faith. Those leaps almost always come in moments of crisis or discomfort, when the last thing you want to do is something risky. Quite often, however, those moments of crisis or discomfort are the very times you should do something risky. Carrie offers insights into taking leaps of faith when that’s the last thing you want to do.

CP Clinic

Does every color in your pencil box have a complementary color? Even those browns and grays? Carrie answers a reader question in this month’s clinic.

Making it Better

This month’s reader art crit comes from a reader who asked for feedback on a lovely portrait of a friend’s granddaughter. Carrie shares tips on checking line drawings for accuracy as well as making sure values are dark enough in the right places.

Ask Carrie

What’s the best colorless blender pencil to use with FC Polychromos pencils?  Carrie answers this reader’s question in the newest monthly CP Magic column.

Featured Photo

The featured photo for August 2020 CP Magic is a relic of the past, an abandoned limestone house in the Flint Hills. Submit your finished work for inclusion on a future Reader’s Art Gallery.

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