Artist's Journal Tutorials

Do you want step-by-step instruction with something more? The Artist’s Journal series of tutorials from the artists at Colored Pencil Tutorials is ready for you.

Welcome to a new kind of tutorial. A tutorial that’s also an artist’s journal.

These tutorials offer the same great, step-by-step instruction you’ve come to expect from all the tutorials at Colored Pencil Tutorials. But they go a step further than the standard tutorials.

They also offer personal notes from the artist. Notes that help you follow the artist’s train of thought in creating each piece; the successes they experienced as well as the setbacks they overcame.

Each tutorial includes special tips, techniques, and insights not found in the standard tutorials.

So if you’re looking for something more, consider the Artist’s Journal series, and get more than instruction.

Get insight and encouragement!

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Showing all 2 results