Advanced Colored Pencil Tutorials

Advanced colored pencil tutorials from Colored Pencil Tutorials are designed to assist beginner and intermediate artists transition to making their own art. If you enjoy doing tutorials but want to start making your own great art, these tutorials will help you.

Before you move to advanced tutorials, you should have a clear understanding of basic skills.

Color Selection

Our tutorials help you learn to make your own color selections by showing you how each artist chooses colors.

In some cases, the artist will give specific color names, but emphasis will be placed on color families and values.

Line Drawing Skills

Learning to create your own line drawings is also an important advanced skill.

If you select one of our advanced colored pencil tutorials, you will be encouraged to make your own line drawing. In most cases, no line drawing will be supplied, though that depends on the individual artist and the subject. Carrie Lewis rarely includes a line drawing in her advanced landscape tutorials. Other artists may include a basic line drawing.

Rendering Skills

Artists should understand layering and blending color, and creating contrast through values.

But there’s always room for improvement. The artists who create advanced tutorials share tips for special techniques, as well as the tools they use to get unusual effects.

But the better your rendering skills, the easier it will be for you to focus on the skills you want to learn or grow.

We hope you gain the confidence to look at your reference photo and chose the colors yourself. We also hope you’ll gain confidence in designing and creating your own after doing one or more of these advanced colored pencil tutorials.

In other words, we want to help you move from student to expert.

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Showing all 2 results