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July 2022 CP Magic! is Here!

The July 2022 issue of CP Magic! magazine is here, and is it a great issue. 44 pages of great colored pencil content! Check it out here.

UK artist Heidi Elizabeth Seal is the featured artist. Heidi is a versatile with a part-time, commission-based art business. She talks about her background in art and how she came to have a business at the age of 30.

She also talks about her greatest enjoyment when it comes to making art, whether she’s working for a client or drawing for herself: Capturing little snippets of the world. About that, she says, “Whether that’s a quiet canal in Venice or a sparrow hiding in the garden flowers, there is beauty all around us.”

2022-07 CP Magic Cover

Her tutorial features an English robin drawn on Pastelmat, but with a twist. She includes three possible finishing touches for the project, so you can choose the one you like best. Or come up with your own!

The July issue also includes the final installment on Carrie’s three-part series on reference photos, old Eagle colored pencils, the return of The Tip Sheet, the Reader Gallery, Featured Photo, and The Final Pencil Strokes.

Of course, back issues are always also available, so browse through all of them.

2 thoughts on “July 2022 CP Magic! is Here!

  1. Very good teaching your sskills. Do you have any of your art work shown on the Internet? I’d love to see some.

    1. Lili,

      Thank you.

      I do have a website that showcases some of my artwork. It’s at

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