CP Magic Reader Gallery Submissions

Have you recently finished a piece of colored pencil artwork that you’re really pleased with? Do you want to share it with other artists who love colored pencils?

Every month, all submissions are published in an online gallery right here!

Your artwork may also be chosen to be shared with the readers of CP Magic! magazine in the CP Magic! Reader Gallery.

There is no entry fee and submitting work is easy.

Images must be:

  • Mostly colored pencil work.
  • Created from your own reference photos, royalty free images, or with permission of the photographer
  • Clear and accurately represent the actual artwork.
  • At least 600 pixels on the longest side (see samples below)
  • At least 200 dpi resolution
  • ONE entry per artist
  • NO FAN ART (sports, entertainment, etc.)
  • Artwork can be submitted only once
  • Entry Deadline: The 15th of this month

Images that do not meet these qualifications will not be considered.

All eligible entries will be considered for the online gallery. Carrie will chose four to five to include in the next issue of CP Magic!.

Image Requirements

Vertical images should be at least 600 pixels in height.

CP Magic Reader Gallery: Call for Artists
This is a vertical image. It should be 600 pixels high, with a resolution of 200 dpi or more.

Horizontal images should be at least 600 pixels in width.

CP Magic Reader Gallery: Call for Artists
This is a horizontal image. It should be 600 pixels wide, with a resolution of 200 dpi or more.
Need help resizing your images? Image2Go.com makes it easy. Just upload your image, follow the steps, and download your resized image. All for free! Click here to get started.

How to Enter

Prepare your image, then attach it to an email to readergallery@coloredpenciltutorials.com.

Include your name and the title of the work as you want it to appear in the online gallery. Also include:

  • Paper or other support you used*
  • Pencils or other media*
  • A brief paragraph about why you chose the subject or how you drew it. Personal thoughts on the artwork you submit are also welcome.*

The entry deadline is 11:59 pm Central Time US on the 15th of this month.

*The online gallery contains only the name of the artist and the title of the work. Entries chosen for the magazine will also include the paper and pencils used and the artist’s thoughts on the subject or the drawing method.

CP Magic! Reader gallery submissions are open from the 8th to the 15th of each month. Join the Free CP Magic! Reader Gallery Group to receive the next Call to Artists notice. The newsletter is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.