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Colored Pencil Resources for You

A lot of visitors to Colored Pencil Tutorials are looking for things not available through this store. Online workshops, video courses, and more in-depth teaching. To help fill that gap (and provide what you want,) I recently published the Colored Pencil Resources page.

Colored Pencil Resources Page

Colored Pencil Resources for You

What is the Colored Pencil Resources page?

Basically, it’s a list of opportunities provided by other artists. Artists whose free videos I’ve watched, enjoyed, and learned from. Artists with online video courses, webinar-style workshops, and other teaching currently beyond my capability.

While my focus is publishing downloadable content, I know that a lot of you want additional content in other formats. A lot of you prefer teaching in other formats. That’s okay.

It’s also why I decided to assemble a list of resources to help you find exactly the right teacher teaching exactly what you want to learn in the way that helps you best.

So if you can’t find the colored pencil resource you’re looking for in the store, check out the Colored Pencil Resources page.

You Can Help Other Artists Too!

How? By sharing your favorite colored pencil teachers with other readers.

When you find an artist presenting instruction that has helped you and they’re not already on my resource page, contact me and share the information. Who knows? Your favorite artist may end up on our resource page, and everyone will win!

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